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As the head of a wealthy family, what are your priorities for the next 20 years?High-Net-Worth-Individuals, families and their businesses have situations and issues that are predominantly unique to them. The purpose of this poll is to (a) help determine the current priorities of wealthy families and (b) raise some matters that you may not have previously considered to be a matter of priority.

What Are the Priorities of Wealthy Families?

A Guide to Your Chosen Option .. And Others

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How FBA Can Help You And Your Family Business

At Family Business Advisory (FBA), our purpose is to help family businesses succeed on a sustainable basis. As such, we provide you with access to specialist family, business and technical services with a goal being to generate opportunities for families in business.

In order to complement our own particular specialised skills, over the past several decades, we have developed a network of trusted, professional advisers in such areas as:

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Moreover, we work at all times to give you peace of mind and proactive support to help navigate any changes in the market brought about by legislative changes, geopolitical events and general market conditions – all to maximise your personal wealth and security.

These services are provided by FBA, in association with the Wealth IQ Group.

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