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FBA Services

FBA Services

Family Business Advisory (FBA) services are quickly becoming at the forefront of what you should expect from a specialist practice such as ours.

Hence, an all-encompassing range of FBA services is provided. In short, they will cater to every family business management need you may have. This applies to your desired achievements for your family business and personal financial/lifestyle goals.

However, it’s not just our “services” that matter. It’s also what we provide by way of “Personal Service” to our clients.

Much of what we provide to you in the way of services will come directly from our Executive Team – Tony Skinner and Phil Manhire. When the need arises to also employ the services of a trusted partner/s, we shall call upon them to work with us for the desired outcomes for your family business.

FBA Services Overview

As mentioned previously – “Yes”, supplying you with relevant “services” is both a must and appropriate given their potential value-add nature. However, “Personal Service” is a vital catalyst in the formation of equitable relationships – ones in which everyone is a winner!

To this end, you might like to check out what our clients have to say about us at Unicorn Consultants and Wealth IQ.

Finally, for even more information of the service/s you will receive from us, please visit our “Who We Are” page.


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