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Dying Intestate .. Will That Be You?

Estate Planning the Right Way - Part 1.



🔴 STIEG LARSSON – Who hasn’t heard of the famous book “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”?

🔴 JIMI HENDRIX – Famous musician and legendary guitarist

🔴 PABLO PICASSO – Famous artist

🔴 ROBERT BURNS – famous 18th century Scottish poet and well-known author of “Auld Lang Syne”

🔴 HOWARD HUGHES – Eccentric American billionaire

🔴 SONNY BONO – Singer, actor and politician

🔴 ROBERT HOLMES A COURT – Australian entrepreneur and Australia’s first billionaire

🔴 ABRAHAM LINCOLN – Lawyer and American President.

A: They all died intestate!

Dying intestate. It’s a human characteristic that most people don’t really like to think about their own mortality. Unfortunately, this often leads to them failing to make adequate estate planning provisions for their eventual death. Even to the point of not having a Will in place.

Image of celebrities who are known for dying intestate

Now - What About You?

Outcome of Dying Intestate

The outcome of such an eventuality usually means that a huge mess remains to be cleaned up in determining who gets what and when. It also means added significant stress for the families left behind due to estate settlement delays, family disputes and litigation with the only “winners” being the lawyers appointed to settle the estate.

Here at Family Business Advisory (FBA), our primary goal is to help you grow, preserve (protect) and ensure the longevity of your family business. So, hopefully, you have at least made a Will (?). Additionally, we’re hopeful that you have also seen to the following arrangements. Whether or not you have, you can click on any of them to get more information:

The above is just a handful of what’s needed to ensure that your legacy is built on a solid foundation that will help safeguard the longevity of your family business. In fact, there’s a plethora of factors that should be addressed when considering what steps to take to secure the future of the family, the family business and its members.

Soon, we shall be publishing a series of articles wherein we shall conduct a “deep-dive” into what exactly is required to establish appropriate estate planning arrangements for you, your family members, family office and business entities. Meanwhile, our blog feature articles on “How to Future-Proof Your Family Dynasty” are worth a read.

We shall certainly welcome contact from you at any time. After all ….

“WHEN FAMILY BUSINESS MATTERS” – We’re here to help.

How FBA Can Help You With Your Estate Planning

At Family Business Advisory (FBA), our purpose is to help family businesses succeed on a sustainable basis. As such, we provide you with access to specialist family, business and technical services with a goal being to generate opportunities for families in business.

In order to complement our own particular specialised skills, over the past several decades, we have developed a network of trusted, professional advisers in such areas as:

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Moreover, we work at all times to give you peace of mind and proactive support to help navigate any changes in the market brought about by legislative changes, geopolitical events and general market conditions – all to maximise your personal wealth and security.

These services are provided by FBA, in association with the Wealth IQ Group and Unicorn Consultants.

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