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Decoding Digital Assets

An Overview for Practitioners


On this occasion, we have chosen to introduce this topic in a manner different to our usual way of doing things.

Many of you, we know, have already taken an active interest in matters relative to Digital Transformation Strategies, Estate Planning and Succession Planning. For this reason, we have provided you with access to any sections of this STEP report that may be of particular interest to you and your family business.

Each link below will take you to to the subject matter on a particular section of a Supplement published by STEP ( Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners) – an international professional body for advisers who specialise in inheritance and succession planning.

Page 4 – Foreword 
Page 5 – The Shape of Things to Come 
Page 7 – Back to Basics

Page 13 – Digital Gold into Digital Ash
Page 15 – Keeping Score
Page 16 – Cloud Control
Page 18 – Digital Assets: in Numbers and Charts
Page 20 – A Common Purpose
Page 22 – Window of Opportunity
Page 23 – Webinars and Audio on Digital Assets
Page 25 – Time to Modernise
Page 27 – Logging in
Page 29 – Protecting digital memories for future generations: a STEP campaign

The Supplement, which can be downloaded in its entirety further down this page, is entitled “DECODING DIGITAL ASSETS – An Overview for Practitioners”.


Original article shared and published by Michael Fox of STEP and Co-Founder and Partner of KMT Partners.

Decoding Digital Assets

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