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You Can’t Build an Incontestable Will, However

You Can’t Build an Incontestable Will, However . . .

In this article, we intend to explore the options available to you in making your testamentary wishes as air-tight as possible.

Image of Last Will and Testament Document for Succession Act 2023 (SA)

Succession Act 2023 (SA)

The Succession Act 2023 (SA) has brought about long overdue significant changes and reforms to succession laws in South Australia.

Given these are the most significant changes to South Australia’s succession laws since the early 1970s when the Inheritance (Family Provision) Act 1972 (SA) came into effect, it is important to be aware of what these upcoming reforms will look like.

Image of Last Will and Testament with the words "You get Nothing" and also showing a young man expressing angry surprise at the contents of a deceased person's Will

Contesting a Will in South Australia

Contesting a Will in South Australia has some different aspects to its laws than in other States of Australia.

** An important point to be aware of is that a claim must be made within 6 months of the grant of probate. NOTE: The Grant of Probate is the proving of a Will, the acceptance by the Probate Registry of the Supreme Court that the deceased’s Will is valid and the last Will in existence.

A Will may be contested for several reasons.

Decoding Digital Assets

Decoding Digital Assets

Decoding Digital Assets
An Overview for Practitioners

a Supplement published by STEP ( Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners) – an international professional body for advisers who specialise in inheritance and succession planning.

Image of Family offices businessman listening to external advisers

Family Offices Embrace Outsourcing: Study

Family offices across the globe are increasingly outsourcing more functions, new research from Ocorian suggests.

The global study, which surveyed 301 senior executives including 50 family office investment managers in November 2023, found a staggering 98% of family office professionals plan to increase the level of outsourcing at their organisation over the next three years.

Image of 3 people of different ages discussing Wealth Transfer Challenges

Wealth Transfer Challenges for Family Businesses

Shaping Your Legacy – Mistakes to Avoid

Who will receive your estate when you die? Will your estate pass in accordance with your wishes?

The estate planning needs of high-net-worth individuals (HNWI’s) require sophisticated and complex estate planning arrangements. Surprisingly, a high proportion of people fail to properly plan for the passing of their wealth to the next generation. Inadequate attention to proper estate planning can often result in unintended consequences and poor outcomes for beneficiaries.

"Where there's a Will, there's what?" depicting a Lawyer explaining contents of a Will

Where There’s a Will, There’s What?

The question “Where there’s a Will, there’s what?” brings to mind a series of possible answers.
Truth is, family businesses have a unique set of challenges and opportunities that require careful planning and consideration to ensure the long-term success of the business and the subsequent longevity of your family dynasty.

Cybersecurity Protection or Rotten Potatoes

Cybersecurity Protection or Rotten Potatoes?

What has cybersecurity protection got to do with rotten potatoes?

A lot, actually! That’s because just as rotten potatoes can remain hidden below the ground until dug up. security threats can act similarly.